Lucious Lashes that last for weeks

Lash Lift – $55 (deposit $20)

(40 mins)

Lash Lift & Tint – $75 (deposit $20)

(1 hr)

Lash Lift, Lash & Brow Tint – $95 (deposit $20)

(1 hr 15 mins)

Lash & Brow Tint – $45 (deposit $20)

(40 mins)

Brow Tint – $25

(30 mins)
You can ditch the DIY lash curler and mascara and with just one 20 minute professional treatment you’ll have a sumptuous Lash Lift that is retained even after a shower or swimming and lasts 6-8 and even 12 weeks!

I, as Elleebana Lash Lift technician, use a technique combining a lifting lotion and silicone rods to lift your natural eyelashes, making them look longer and fuller. Lash lift is a fantastic alternative to eyelash extensions and there’s virtually no aftercare required! Just wake up and get going with your beautiful lashes.

Here’s what you can expect from an Elleebana Lash Lift:

  • Makes natural eyelashes appear longer without the use of eyelash extensions
  • Superior formulation with conditioning and nourishing
  • Lashes stay lifted 6-8 weeks
  • No damage to your natural eyelashes
  • Faster application techniques saving you time
  • Swim, shower and play with no fuss! No aftercare!
  • Suitable for short and long eyelashes
  • Both Men & Women LOVE Elleebana Lash Lift

And, while you’re getting on the glam, liven up your new look with a lash and brow tint from Belmacil’s exciting color range. With more ways to banish the boring than ever before, Belmacil has ten luxurious colors to choose from including Black, Blue Black, Dark & Light Brown, Honey Brown, Graphite, Blue, Violet, Red and Green.

Talk to me about the perfect color.

Booking Info

A $20 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to book your LashLift session and to secure your appointment with Olesia’s Beauty Studio.

The consultation is included in your initial LashLift session and is not offered separately. Although, if you have questions that are not answered on my web site, please feel free to reach out to me and I will respond as soon as I can.


The remaining balance is due on the day of your LashLift session.
All cancellations MUST be done at least 24 hours prior your appointment (please text or email to Olesia’s Beauty Studio, no phone calls). Your $20 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. NO EXCEPTIONS.

When you are rescheduling your LashLift visit, another $20 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit will be required to secure your spot on the schedule.

If you cancel your appointment in less than 24 hours, you will be charged a “late cancellation fee” – half of the treatment price. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be charged a “late cancellation fee”. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you are a NO-SHOW you will be charged a full price of the LashLift service you booked. NO EXCEPTIONS.

*** If you arrive to the appointment and decide not to proceed with the LashLift session due to various concerns such as poor pigment retention due to skin type, medical and physical conditions, etc., you will lose your deposit and will be charged a half price of the LashLift service you booked. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Thank you for understanding my super strict booking/cancellation policy! It ensures a stress-free and enjoyable LashLift appointment for both of us! XOXO

Thank you for booking with Olesia’s Beauty Studio and I am looking forward seeing you!

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